Free Daily Backups, Free Access to Backups

Its appalling when a hosting provider wants to charge you to retrieve a backup for your own web site.  Its even more appalling that the only way to prevent that is to make your own backups, using your own bandwidth and own disk space.

life_ringIts much smarter for the web host to make the backups and make them easily available to clients, since it’ll be much less CPU intensive on the server taking a master backup instead of all of their clients taking micro backups.

With “smart” being the key element of what we do here at DP Hosting, we decided to take a stand against appalling situations, such as backup procedures.  We’ll back up your web site each night.  You backups will be transferred to our backup storage facility and kept on file.

Daily backups are kept for 120 days.

Two of the Daily backups are kept indefinitely, on the 1st and 15th of the month.

Full Site Backups are just that – your data, files, databases, email accounts, settings, and configurations.

At any given time, you can put in a request to DP Hosting and ask to retrieve one of those three backups.  We’ll retrieve the backup and post it in a secure location where you can access it for 72 hours, all for free.  It’s your data, and you entrust us to keep it safe.  Why should we charge you to give it back to you?

That’s why we call this Smarter Web Hosting.