Simple Hosting Plans

Our simple hosting plans are easy to understand and come with great features.  Get the package that’s right for you at a price that’ll fit anyone’s budget.  Click on the specifications to learn more about what they mean, and contact us with any questions or special needs you have!

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Setup Cost $0 $0 $0 $0
Free .com Domain check check check check
NVMe Disk Space 1 GB 5 GB 10 GB 25 GB
Bandwidth 5 GB 20 GB 50 GB 150 GB
Email Accounts 20 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Databases 2 8 Unlimited Unlimited
Daily Off-Site Backups check check check check
Price $3.50 / Month
(paid annually)
$6.00 / Month
(paid annually)
$13 / Month
$130 Annually
$27 / Month
$270 Anually
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

At any time you can upgrade or downgrade your account.  Pick the Silver plan and if your web site grows too large, you can upgrade to the Gold account and only pay a pro-rated difference.

It doesn’t seem smart to charge our new customers to join us! We’ll never charge a Setup Fee.

Every web hosting package comes with a free .com Top Level Domain name. There’s no limit – if you purchase three hosting accounts you get three free domain names!

We encourage you to read more about this at The Smarter Differece: Free Domains, Free Domain Management.

NVMe Disk Space refers to the amount of storage space available for the content you want to host on your web site. Every page, every image, every email and every record in a database contributes to your disk space quota.  We are now offering the fastest storage available for mainstream hosting, enterprise grade NVMe redundant storage, for all of our hosting customers, making us one of the fastest hosting solutions around!

Bandwidth is the amount of traffic your web site transfers. If someone downloads a file from your web site that is 10 MB, that constitutes as 10 MB of bandwidth used on your account. Uploads count as well, so if a visitor to your site uploads a file, that too will count towards your bandwidth.

Bandwidth is calculated every month and resets to 0 on your monthly anniversary.

Your web hosting comes with email accounts at no extra charge. While the Bronze package has a limit of 20 accounts, every package above that can have as many email accounts as you’d like.

Email does count against both Disk Space and Bandwidth – be sure to keep this in mind when selecting the hosting package that will meets your needs!

MySQL Databases come standard with every hosting account. MySQL is a Relational Database that is widely used on the internet. It provides many advanced features, fast performance and low maintenance which makes it ideal for nearly all web applications.

In addition, all hosting packages provide a utility known as phpMyAdmin which is the most common method of administering and working with MySQL databases from within your web hosting control panel.

DP Hosting maintains Daily Off-Site Backups for all clients. These backups are stored in an off-site facility and are available to you whenever you would like. This is included with the cost of your hosting package. You can read more about this at The Smarter Difference: Free Daily Backups, Free Access to Backups.