Free Domains, Free Domain Management

Every Simple Hosting Plan comes with one free .com domain name, free domain management, and free domain privacy of as many domains as you’d like.

What is free domain privacy?

Domain Privacy means that your personal information won’t appear in the public record (known as the “Whois” record) of your domain name.

What does free domain management mean?

When you buy your domains through us. we’ll take care of making sure your domain names are registered and configured to point to your website that you host with us.  We’ll take care of the technical stuff, like DNS, Nameservers, and renewals.

Some rules apply, but we don’t hide them.  Take a look:

Here’s what others call fine print, but we show it to you in normal sized text. You’re welcome.

  • The free domain name only applies to domains that end in .com.
  • Every hosting account gets a free domain name.  If you have 3 hosting packages with DP Hosting, you get 3 free domain names.  No limits, no exceptions, no way.
  • Any domain extension can be managed by us, like .mobi and .tv.  Even international domain names, like .ca, eh!
  • The free domain name must be managed by us, but can be transferred to you at any time.  Once transferred to you, it can no longer be free.
  • Although we register and take responsibility for all the domain names you purchase through us, we have no issues transferring them to you.  No fee applies, and no hostages are ever taken.
  • Sorry, we don’t provide discounts to accounts who are not taking us up on the offer for the free domain name.
  • If you don’t have a free domain name with your current hosting account, and want one, you can get one at any time by contacting Support.
  • Additional domain names do cost extra, as per our pricing table.  If you buy it from us, we’ll manage it for you and get it set up on your account.
  • If you have a domain name already but want to transfer it to us to be managed, that’s okay too.
  • We currently buy our domain names in bulk at  We don’t promise we’ll always buy domains from GoDaddy, but that will never impact visitors to your web site.

See, that wasn’t so bad now, was it?  It’s much easier to read when fine print is large.  But if you have a question that hasn’t been answered by the list above, drop a line to Support.  Not only would they love to hear from you, but if they like your question, they’ll add the answer to the list above.