Domain Prices Announced

As we continue to work towards a full offering of options and services, I’m happy to announce that we have just published a complete list of Domain TLDs offered on our new Domain Name Pricing page.  Look to see if the domain you want is available, and see how much it’ll cost.  We offer some of the most competitive pricing on the internet, especially when you consider the price you see is not just the purchase price, but also the renewal price!

You see many domain registrars sell domains for a few measly dollars, making it very enticing to purchase a domain name from them.  But when you actually read the fine print (and you first need to find the fine print!) you’ll see that the cost of that $1.99 .com jumps to $10, $15 or even $20 a year!  For us, we’d rather sell you that .com for $9.20 and keep it that price year over year.

Oh, and also, look for that little asterisk next to most domain names that says that it does not include the ICANN service fee of $0.18.  That’s right, most registrars don’t include the $0.18 fee that needs to be paid to ICANN.  We include their fee in our price.  What you see is what you really pay.  What a concept! We feel it’s the smarter way.

Again, check out those prices right here: Domain Name Pricing

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