Category: Announcements

More Disk Space for All!

We have just completed some restructuring of our Simple Web Hosting packages and now offer more disk space across all of our accounts!  Best of all, we’ve upgraded all of our existing accounts as well, so both current and new

Server Upgrade Complete

We’ve completed a major upgrade to all of our servers hosting our Simple Hosting Plan customers.  These upgrades include: Solid State Drives – improves the speed at which your site loads. More RAM – improves the quickness of scripts and

Domain Prices Announced

As we continue to work towards a full offering of options and services, I’m happy to announce that we have just published a complete list of Domain TLDs offered on our new Domain Name Pricing page.  Look to see if

New Support Portal Opened

It’s still a work in progress (what isn’t these days), but we’ve just started to roll out our new support portal.  On every page of our site, as well as on nearly every page within our site management program cPanel,

Hosting Plans Published

Just over one year ago we began work on DP Hosting – a new division of Devil’s Playground LLC dedicated to web hosting. Since that time you may not have seen much in the way of progress on the outside,

Hello world!

Welcome to the latest creation from Devil’s Playground LLC: DP Hosting! Devil’s Playground has been providing clients web hosting since 2006.  We’ve had some time in the business, and decided to take a stand against people getting ripped off, left