Shellshock and DP Hosting

Many on the internet are scrambling to find out what has been affected by the Shellshock vulnerability.  Also known as the “Bash Bug” this vulnerability is very similar to the Heartbleed bug that circulated back in April of this year in that it affects the core of the internet, the servers that power web sites.

Please know that we have and will continue to ensure our servers are running the latest version of software available.  Many time issues like this impact servers that are not frequently updated because “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  To stay in line with our “Smarter Web Hosting” motto, we ensure we keep our servers up to date as many security risks are typically patched well before they become popularized in the news.

We have tested and ensured that the servers your web sites run on have been patched and are not vulnerable to the Shellshock vulnerability.

Of course any questions, concerns or issues, please Contact Us!


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