Hello world!

Welcome to the latest creation from Devil’s Playground LLC: DP Hosting!

Devil’s Playground has been providing clients web hosting since 2006.  We’ve had some time in the business, and decided to take a stand against people getting ripped off, left to collect cyber dust on old servers and dealing with the problems with big conglomerate web hosting companies.

We’ll be working hard behind the scenes to make this site the permanent home for DP Hosting and all of Devil’s Playground’s hosting clients.  This includes access to our client portal, an easy way to manage your account, and give interested customers an easy way to sign up for a new account.


Who are we? What’s Devil’s Playground?

Well I’m glad you asked!  As I mentioned earlier, Devil’s Playground has been providing web hosting since September of 2006.  But Devil’s Playground did this as part of a small service to clients as part of their web design business.  And while web design keeps the folks at Devil’s Playground pretty busy, they realized that they had come across an ingenious way to host web sites without all the headaches that people generally deal with when they host their web sites with the big boys.

And thus DP Hosting was born.  We’ve been in the business of keeping our clients sites up and online for over 6 years, and we want to make smarter web hosting available to everyone.

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