Hosting Plans Published

Just over one year ago we began work on DP Hosting – a new division of Devil’s Playground LLC dedicated to web hosting. Since that time you may not have seen much in the way of progress on the outside, but we’re still here, building an online portal that will service new and existing customers.

And yesterday marked a big step – the publishing of our web hosting plans.  It may not be big to you, but to us it marks our first ever published acknowledgement that we are in the business of web hosting, and this is what we’re offering.

As we continue to fine tune things, you’ll start to see more information and pricing posted, and soon we’ll release our online customer portal, where you can create new accounts, order services, view and pay invoices, and contact an online support representative.

To you it may look like we just updated a simple page, but to us it means the world.

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