Heartbleed and DP Hosting

heartbleed_0_standard_800_0If you heard the big news today regarding the SSL vulnerability Heartbleed and you are currently hosting your site with us, you do not need to be concerned.

Heartbleed is an internetĀ vulnerability that attackers can use to capture secure traffic on the internet (like bank transactions) and actually decrypt the information, making SSL completely useless.

The Heartbleed vulnerability actually stems from a bug in some versions of a piece of software installed on servers called OpenSSL.Ā  This version is only available on certain operating systems.

No servers at DP Hosting are affected since we use an operating system that is immune to this vulnerability.

If you operate a web site that uses SSL and conducts secure transactions, we recommend you post a notice on your site informing your visitors and customers that your site was never affected by this vulnerability, and that their information is secure.

If you have any further questions, require more technical details, or have questions about how we monitor security on our servers, please contact us.

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